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Your Google Drive and OneDrive alternative

On this page you will find all relevant information about the Files Cloud. Our attractive Files Cloud offer with 500 GB storage space is the alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.


Files Cloud

500 GB included

Alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive

€ 4.99

per month

Suitable for Windows & Mac clients

Each additional GB for €0.04 per month

Files Cloud

Are you looking for a comparable alternative to the most popular American Consumer Cloud Storages Dropbox and Google Drive? Then you've just found what you're looking for - The new Files Cloud products are an ideal alternative for anyone who wants to store their data in German data centers. With the new Files Cloud you can store 500 GB of files, images and/or photos in your online storage. Thus the Files Cloud online storage of webtropia.com is perfectly suited for the backup and administration of your documents, presentations, photos, videos and much more. Of course, you can also access the files stored in your files cloud storage conveniently at any time and from anywhere. We offer you the "Acronis Access" app free of charge.

Manage your online storage

With the help of Files Cloud, our customers can access their files in their German online storage at any time, regardless of location or device used (smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac®). Via the web interface, users can conveniently back up, manage and share data with others or themselves. In addition, users can synchronize data with the cloud at any time using the "Acronis Access" client.

Our German data centers in Düsseldorf host the infrastructure as well as the data transfer and encryption of your stored data according to AES-256-encryption industry standard. You can create several users for your Files Cloud product in the customer interface of webtropia.com. It does not matter how you use the Files Cloud. Whether it's with your Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, PC or Mac, for our Files Cloud product clients for Windows & Mac as well as Apps for iOS and Android are available.

Order our Cloud Storage product now and receive 500 GB cloud storage space!

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