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Dedicated Servers with CloudLinux OS

The platform for stability and efficiency in shared hosting

Are you searching an efficient solution for your Shared Hosting project?

CloudLinux OS is an operating system based on CentOS and is equipped with a modified OpenVZ Kernel. Developed in 2009 and first published in 2010 this system is providing you the best platform for your Shared Hosting operations of any kind. What sets this OS apart from others, is the integration of the main feature: Lightweight Virtual Environment - or LVE for short. With the LVE Manager it is possible for the provider to control the resources of all instances within a cluster. In addition, security features such as CageFS, HardenedPHP and SecureLinks protect the integrity of customers and the host system. Also, many other useful features are provided for your shared hosting infrastructure. Rent a dedicated server with CloudLinux OS now!

Security for costumers

In terms of security, CloudLinux OS also offers an extensive range of functions. Two main features have priority: CageFS and HardenedPHP. With CageFS, all customers and their sensitive data are cut off from one another and are completely invisible to one another. In addition, CageFS avoids privilege escalations and information disclosure attacks.

HardenedPHP on the other hand ensures the security of the host system itself. With automatic PHP updates, security gaps from older and / or no longer supported PHP versions are protected.


Stability for your system

In addition to security and performance, stability is the most important element of a functioning shared hosting infrastructure. In order to meet this requirement, CloudLinux OS uses its kernel level Lightweight Virtualized Environment

With the LVE, users can be distributed into individual instances within a CloudLinux OS host system. Resources such as vCores, RAM, storage etc. can then be adjusted manually and these settings can be saved as a package in the future. This removes customer-to-customer disturbances from the equation.


More performance

For the revenue of a shared hosting project, the performance of any instances is a very important aspect. The LVE Manager, already described above, forms the basis with the division of all users within the system. This feature holds a lot of potential for increasing performance.

By using Mod_Isapi and MySQL Govenor, even more fine-tuning is carried out in the performance sector. This results in a higher profit while using the same hardware.

Are you looking for a shared hosting solution?

Full Control

With LVE Manager you always have all your resources under control. Design your optimal server environment and never allow your system to be compromised. You can determine parameters such as vCore, RAM, memory and network utilization.


Every user has individual requirements. This is especially true for the common programming languages. With the integrated selectors of CloudLinux OS, your customers have the option of adapting their versions for Ruby, Python and PHP as they wish.


Another security feature of CloudLinux OS is SecureLinks, a kernel-level technology that makes your servers even more secure. With this integrated feature, all common symlink attacks are avoided and all users within the host system are secured.

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.