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Dedicated Server with admin panel

Webtropia.com offers a great number of admin panels to lease, some of which are free, for simple root server management.

Dedicated server with DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is a server management software from the company JMBC Software which has been available for administrators since 2003. A root server one with DirectAdmin allows you to quickly and easily install and configure your software-based infrastructure.

DirectAdmin also offers a wide variety of plug-ins with which you can individually set up a suitable environment for your servers according to your requirements. Among the most popular are CrossBox for communication infrastructures with email, chat and video, Installatron for easy installation and maintenance of web applications and gDNS Transfer Server to create and manage Linux and Windows server clusters. Rent your Dedicated Server with DirectAdmin now. More information about DirectAdmin can be found here.

Dedicated server with Plesk

Rent your Dedicated Root Server with Plesk Obsidian. The new Plesk Obsidian - the successor of Plesk Onyx - makes it easier for you to configure your servers and supports you in the administration of your server and websites. With just a few clicks you can configure the most important tasks and services via the user-friendly Plesk web interface.

Plesk is a comprehensive server management software designed to install and manage all systems, services and applications for web hosting on a single server. We offer Plesk Obsidian in various basic configurations on our servers. Take advantage of the many benefits of Plesk now.

Learn more about our servers with Plesk here.

Dedicated Server with cPanel

With cPanel and WHM, which have already found widespread use in the American market, we offer you a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for web hosting. WebHost Manager (WHM) - the administrative interface for your dedicated server: With this interface you can easily create and manage users, start or stop services, install additional software, create hosting plans and check server log files.

cPanel - The interface for your hosting customers 

cPanel provides a simple interface for: management and upload web pages, creation and management of email accounts, creation of backups, bandwidth restrictions for web page hits or visitor statistics. These and many other useful features, as well as the innovative configuration which is supported, in many cases, by a Setup Wizard, make cPanel and WHM a powerful tool for your web hosting. Additional information about cPanel can be found on the developer’s website at the following URL: http://www.cpanel.net/

Dedicated Server with Proxmox

Proxmox virtual Environment is an open source virtualization solution for dedicated servers. It combines KVM and OpenVZ based virtualization, the management of virtual machines, containers, storage, virtual networks and high availability clusters is done clearly via the central management interface. With the functions of Proxmox and the intuitive interface, you can make optimal use of your existing resources and minimize hardware and administration costs.

With the Proxmox open source solution you get full access to all functions, you reduce costs, and it is also secure and reliable. Migrating from VMware, Microsoft or Citrix virtualization solutions to Proxmox virtual Environment opens up a whole new range of options for managing physical, virtual or cross-platform environments.

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