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Dedicated Server

Easy server management with admin panels

Webtropia.com offers a great number of admin panels to lease, some of which are free, for simple dedicated server management.

Dedicated Server with Plesk Onyx

Now you can lease your dedicated server with Plesk Onyx, the next version after Plesk 12.5. The latest version of Plesk version facilitates the configuration of your dedicated server as well as the management and administration of your websites. With the user-friendly web interface, you can configure the most important tasks and services in just a few clicks.

Performance boost for your web applications

Nginx is a high performance web server which is installed as a proxy upstream of the Apache web server in order to hold the dynamic pages generated by Apache in a cache, statically.

Improved security

Plesk Onyx further enhances the security of the administration software. In addition to a switchable advanced security mode that uses a variety of security mechanisms in order to prevent unauthorized data access, there is now the ability to encrypt backups with passwords, as well as definable minimum requirements for your customers’ password security.

Fail2Ban for your security

The newly integrated support of Fail2Ban is another major feature of the new version of Plesk Onyx. Fail2ban monitors your dedicated server log files for invalid or incorrect logins and bans them for a specific period of time using iptable entry. With Plesk, you can control the rules for banning via the web interface and need not enter it manually in the console.

Web Presence Builder

With Web Presence Builder, Plesk Onyx provides you a built-in homepage builder. Web pages can now be created directly via a comfortable editor, which even keeps your Facebook presence up-to-date! You can even install well-known CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Typo 3 in Plesk.


The new improved system update tool can keep your dedicated server automatically up to date. Thanks to the automated update functions, you no longer have to worry about Plesk updates as they can now be automated. Of course, you can specify whether these updates should be made on your dedicated server automatically or manually. You can also be informed via e-mail by your dedicated server .


With the new Git support module in Plesk Onyx, you can now easily share your development project with others on your dedicated server. Here, the user decides whether he uploads his project to Github or makes his developer project available on his own low-priced dedicated server. Rent your dedicated server now with Plesk and Git support and manage your development project very easily.

Docker Support

With docker support, Plesk allows you to isolate applications into separate containers by virtualizing an operating system. This feature is based on the open-source Docker software. The created containers can be transported as individual files, simplifying the delivery of your applications and also the separation of your server resources.

Ruby & Node.js Support

Plesk Onyx offers developers to benefit of extended support for programming environments like Ruby and Node.js. They can run and start their scripts in Plesk management easily from now now.

Improved web pages for mobile use

With Plesk Panel 12, you can automatically optimize your web pages for display on mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets, not only where the page display is concerned, but also in the speed with which they load over slow connections. Plesk 12 is also in responsive design, allowing you to administer your dedicated server comfortably from anywhere using the most common devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

You’re interested in additional features of Plesk 12 Edition? You can learn more about plesk here.

Plesk Onyx editions for your dedicated server

At webtropia.com, you can order the Plesk Onyx Web Admin Edition for managing up to 10 domains for free for your Root Server. Furthermore we also offer the possibility to order your server with the Plesk Onyx Web Pro Edition for additional 7.00 Euro or Plesk Onyx Web Host Edition for additional 20.00 Euro per month. With Web Host Edition you are allowed to manage unlimited domains.

pixelWeb Admin Edition pixelWeb Pro Edition pixelWeb Host Edition
Service provider management: pixel pixel pixel
Reseller Administration no no yes
Subscription Management no yes yes
Account Management no yes yes
User interface: pixel pixel pixel
Main User View
(Server + Site-Administrator)
yes yes yes
Service provider &
custom view management
no yes yes
User functions: pixel pixel pixel
WordPress Toolkit pixelSE Only (Limited features edition) yes yes
Developer package
(PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion)
pixelOptional yes yes
Plesk Mobile Manager yes yes yes
Security features: pixel pixel pixel
Security core with ModSecurity rules from Atomicorp yes yes yes
ServerShield from CloudFlare yes yes yes
Outgoing Antispam yes yes yes
E-Mail-Antivirus pixelOptional pixelOptional pixelOptional
Domains pixelUp to 10 pixelUp to 30 pixelUnlimited
Price pixelfree of charge pixel€ 7.00 per month pixel€ 20.00 per month

Rent your cheap dedicated server with Plesk Onyx now

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.