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Connection of the vServers, root servers and dedicated servers

Lease dedicated servers with 1000 Mbit connection and profit from the infrastructure of our own data centre in Düsseldorf, Germany. A traffic flat rate is already included in the price of every dedicated and root server product we offer. In contrast to other providers, there is no traffic limit at webtropia.com, so throttling of the connection can be ruled out. We guarantee a peak bandwidth of 300 Mbit for dedicated Server and 500 mbit for Root Server . The VPS Server and root servers comes with a 500 Mbit connection with a guaranteed peak bandwidth of 300 Mbit. There is also no throttling of the traffic in the case of the vServers. All variants include flat rates and no additional costs for data transfers, regardless of how much you use.

Lease inexpensive IP addresses for your server starting at €1

With our dedicated server, root server and vServer options we offer useful supplementary services for your server. The options can be added or cancelled at any time and always run on a monthly period. You will find unique services under Support.

At webtropia.com, you can lease inexpensive IPv4 addresses monthly. If the IPv4 addresses included are not sufficient for your needs, webtropia.com offers the option to extend the number of IP addresses for all dedicated and root servers at any time. Because every dedicated server includes its own IPv6 subnet (/ 64) in the price, we don’t offer extensions for this purpose.

Following are the options and costs associated with the Ipv4 addresses:

Description Setup / One time fee Price / month
Additional single IPv4 address (up to 31 possible) €0.00 €1.00
Global Failover IPv4 address (up to 31 possible) can be used for Dedicated Server €0.00 €3.00
/26 Subnet - 62 usable IPv4 Adressen €75.00 upon your request
/25 Subnet - 124 usable IPv4 Adressen €75.00 upon your request
/24 Subnet - 252 usable IPv4 Adressen €75.00 upon your request
Routing of an own IP net (/24 or more) €100.00 €25.00

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.