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Lease the VPS Server with the best performance

The new Virtual Server Cloud 6.0 gives you even more flexibility and performance for your goals. The next generation of virtual Linux or Windows servers have guaranteed storage space, provided with even more performance through the SSD Boost. Lease an affordable VPS with SSD Boost and benefit from the fast I/O performance of your VPS. You also have the option to lease a virtual Linux server with SSD or SATA storage space. We now offer VPSs with two types of virtualizations.

You can choose between Container and Virtual Machine, labeled as full virtualization. The new Windows Server 2019 operating system is now available and can chosen for your VPS, which supporting full virtualization. Lease your affordable VPS with Windows Server 2019 now.

In Stock

vServer Windows

2 vCores guaranteed

4 GB RAM guaranteed


per month

Storage space

100 GB SSD

vServer Windows
In stock

vServer Linux

1 vCores guaranteed

1 GB RAM guaranteed


per month

Storage space

30 GB incl. SSD-Boost

vServer Linux

You want to build your own web presence and are looking for the right platform for your website? Then get your website started with the powerful and affordable VPS Servers from webtropia.com.

Virtual servers are especially suited for the use of small web applications, hosting of your websites and configuring test and development scenarios with root privileges. All vServers are supplied with the fastest, highest-performing SSDs on request at no additional charge.

Order your vServer with the Plesk administrative tool and configure your virtual server quickly and easily. The virtual servers are also offered with Windows or Linux operating systems.

Rocket Speed SSDWith the help of a Linux VPS Server with SSD storage, you get ten times the performance compared to a virtual server with HDD storage. Thus, your server enables faster access to memory, which really pays off in the case of frequent database access and for websites with a high volume of dynamic content. The Virtual Server with our Linux or Windows virtual servers presents a perfect solution for hosting with full root or admin privileges.

The Virtual Server product with our Linux or Windows virtual servers presents a perfect solution for hosting with full root or admin privileges. You can have various and always up-to-date Linux systems, such as CentOS, Debian, openSUSE or Ubuntu or Windows operating system such as Windows 2012, Windows Server 2016 or the new Windows Server 2019, pre-installed on your virtual server. Additionally, you can select Plesk Onyx admin panel free of charge, when ordering and have it pre-installed on your vServer.

The VPS Server Cloud functions allow you to increase or reduce the capacity of your vServer on a daily or monthly basis at clear and comprehensible pricing. You can get specific information about the Cloud function and costs associated with the respective Linux or Windows vServer product. Dynamic modification of the performance is possible with both the Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

The CPU performance can be increased in vCore increments. Also, you can custom equip your virtual server with up to 32 GB RAM and the SSD hard drive capacity of the vServer can be extended to up to 1000 GB. With that you automatically enjoy higher flexibility to meet your needs and can customize the vServer to meet your needs at any time.

VPS Server with free backup?

Each vServer has a certain amount of backup volume available, included free of charge.This allows you to setup automated backup plans, as well as schedule backups according to your needs. In the event of data loss or a malfunction, you can quickly restore your hard drive to a saved operational state. Add comments on your backups and you’ll always have a good overview.

Each backup is a snapshot of your entire vServer, thus eliminating faults in the operating system. In addition to the contingents already included, you can flexibly extend the vServer backup storage space at any time. The backup storage space provides additional data security by backing up your data on our redundant RAID storage systems.

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