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VPS Server with Plesk Onyx inclusive

Lease your virtual server with Plesk. Administrate your VPS Server with the brand new Plesk Onyx, the next successor to Plesk 12.5. Create webspaces with domains, e-mail accounts, databases and much more with just a few clicks and no detailed expertise.

Plesk Onyx for Linux and Windows vServer

With Plesk Onyx, webtropia.com offers the latest release of the award-winning family of world-leading Plesk products for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. Plesk is a comprehensive server management software designed for installing and managing all systems and applications for web hosting on a single server.

We offer Plesk Onyx in various basic configurations for our servers. Now take advantage of the many benefits of Plesk from our partners at Plesk (formerly Parallels)

What's new in Plesk Onyx?

As mentioned, Plesk is the most widely-used web management solution for hosting service providers, webmasters, developers and website operators. Plesk Onyx itself is now available in four editions, each tailored to the requirements of the daily operation of the web servers of the respective target group. Plesk Onyx has visually revised and, with responsive design, can now be used consistently on almost any device. That way you have your management application anywhere.

At the same time, Plesk´s team has improved the security of WordPress with an integrated security package. You have the option to search for installed WordPress plugins and install/uninstall or block non-secure plugins. Simultaneously, you will be making your server more secure against hackers.

DNSSEC Manager

A new feature of Plesk is the DNSSEC Manager, which allows you to protect your DNS data from hosted domains with DNSSEC extensions. Your DNS data will be saved by DNS protocol extensions. With just a few clicks, you can make your domain even safer.

Ruby & Node.js Support

With the new Plesk Onyx developers can profit from extended support for programming environments like Ruby and Node.js. You can start and run your scripts in Plesk management anytime and from anywhere.

System updates

The new improved tool for system updates can keep your system up to date now. Thanks to the automated update features, you no longer have to worry about Plesk updates, this will be done automatically. Of course, you can specify whether these updates should be made automatically or manually, and you can also be informed by e-mail from your server.

Git support

With the new Git support module in Plesk Onyx you can now share your development project with others on your server easily. The user decides whether to upload his project to Github or to save make the developer project available on his own server.

Webtropia.com offers Web Admin, Web Host or Web Pro Edition for vServers. Familiarize yourself with the differences

At webtropia.com, you can order the Plesk Onyx Web Admin Edition for managing up to 10 domains free of charge for your Root Server. Furthermore we also offer the possibility to order your server with the Plesk Onyx Web Pro Edition for additional 3.50 Euro or Plesk Onyx Web Host Edition for additional 7.00 Euro per month. With Web Host Edition you are allowed to manage unlimited domains.

The Web Host Edition of Plesk 12 offers you all functions you need for the management of your resellers, customers, subscriptions and accounts. Additionally, there are comprehensive tools for automation, support and security available.

Benefits for hosting service providers at a glance:

  • Industry's best support for multi-client hosting and, thus, easy installation and management of websites, domains, email accounts and much more, by the end customer
  • Advanced functions for the reseller, subscription and account management for the configuration of service packages and automation rules.
  • Tool kit for WordPress support, the world's most popular CMS. This includes WordPress recognition, selective WordPress protection and bulk management of plugins and themes.
  • Integrated security tools for protection against many numerous for servers and websites

The Plesk Web Pro Edition is especially suited for web designers, developers and agencies. It optimizes the management of customer websites and provides additional tools for WordPress hosting, as well as integrated functions to ensure security between servers and websites.

Advantages of Plesk 12 Web Pro Edition for professional webmasters:

  • Advanced functions for the subscription and account management for configuration of service packages and customer websites.
  • Interactive user interface for unlimited server and account management on mobile devices.
  • Tool kit for WordPress support, the world's most popular CMS. This includes WordPress recognition, selective WordPress protection and bulk management of plugins and themes.
  • Integrated security tools for protection against many numerous for servers and websites.

Webtopia.com offers you the Plesk 12 Web Pro Edition—30 domains (free of charge) and the Plesk 12 Web Host Edition—unlimited domains (+ €5.00 a month)

The following additional features can be added:

Web Pro Edition - Manage up to 30 Domains
Web Host Edition - Manage an unlimited number of domains (+ €5.00 a month)

Typo3 LogoApplication Pack
Install over 170 well-known web applications with just a few clicks, e.g. Joomla, Typo3, phpBB, WordPress.

ColdFusion LogoTomcat LogoColdFusion- and Tomcat-Support
You can manage ColdFusion or even Tomcat-based web applications through Plesk.

Spamassassin Logo

Spam Assassin
Integration of the proven spam detector directly in Plesk.

MSSQL LogoDatabase support for PostgreSQL and MSSQL
Use your web applications alongside MySQL and PostgreSQL (Linux) or MSSQL (Windows)

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.