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Dedicated server with DirectAdmin

The latest addition to the webtropia.com software range for dedicated servers is called DirectAdmin. From now on you can rent DirectAdmin at a low price and manage your dedicated server with ease. DirectAdmin helps you to set up and keep track of server-related functions such as security, email accounts, domain maintenance and much more. The software is easy to use and can be configured with little previous knowledge.

With this tool you get the possibility to create up to 10 accounts and distribute them freely within a scaling system. Thereby it is divided into three categories: Administrator, Reseller and User. Administrators have the most important rights and represent the highest instance. Among the functions are for example creating new administrators and resellers, DNS administration, IP management, system control, licenses and updates. Resellers, on the other hand, are limited to customer account creation and everything relevant to managing these accounts. IP assignment, notifications to customers and personalized name servers or customer packages are only a small fraction of the possibilities DirectAdmin offers resellers. Users, on the other hand, only have access to the DNS menu to view but not modify information. This means that the administrator can decide which users have what range within the system. Rent DirectAdmin for your dedicated server now!

Advantages of a dedicated server with DirectAdmin

The advantages of a dedicated server with DirectAdmin range from clarity to control over the system. DirectAdmin offers a multifaceted range of plug-ins that address various aspects of server configuration. Security is the top priority and can be covered by plugins like cPGuard. With an integrated malware scanner, extended captcha conditions, rootkit scanner and other features your website/server is protected against attacks. Also, functions of the well-known plugin like "PHPselector" are already integrated in DirectAdmin. Besides the functional plugins, cosmetic ones are also provided. Skin Selector can exchange templates and designs on your server in no time, ideal for temporary events or similar occasions.

You can add an additional user category to the above mentioned three categories with a free plugin on the DirectAdmin page. "E-Mail Level Plugin" allows the administrator to introduce an additional level for users. This restricts access rights exclusively to the e-mail systems.

DirectAdmin plugins

From now on webtropia.com offers DirectAdmin for your dedicated server. You can easily pre-install the tool during the order process and start configuring your dedicated server immediately. With various useful plugins like CrossBox a modern communication tool for DirectAdmin servers and Installatron to install website apps and more, you can design your personal infrastructure and at the same time expand it with useful functions. The plugins presented here are only a small selection of all available extensions. More information about plugins can be found on the official DirectAdmin site.


Wise CP LogoWiseCP is an extension for DirectAdmin that automates and structures hosting environments. With features like "automatic account creation" and "hosting package creation" you can build a working reseller shop in no time. In addition, this plugin offers a comprehensive domain management system. Parallel to the automated account management, servers are provided automatically, restarts are initiated and many more features are offered. Rent a dedicated server with DirectAdmin and WiseCP now.

gDNS Transfer Server

gdns LogoWith gDNS Transfer from Admin-Ahead Server Technologies it is possible to create a cluster between multiple servers. The most striking feature is that both Windows and Linux server systems can be seamlessly integrated into one infrastructure. Furthermore, this plugin is cross-platform, i.e. you can connect servers to different admin panels. This includes Plesk, cPanel and of course DirectAdmin. Besides the smooth clustering of different server types, everything is secured with DNSSEC to ensure security in the system. Cluster your dedicated servers now with DirectAdmin and gDNS Transfer.


Intallatron LogoInstallatron is one of the "quality of life" plugins available with DirectAdmin. Installing applications can cause problems under some circumstances. To simplify and automate this step, Installatron offers exactly this feature for your system. Besides the simple installations Installatron offers other features, including automatic backups and updates for already installed applications. This plugin does not require any special knowledge and is very easy to use. Try Installatron with DirectAdmin now.


Crossbox LogoCrossBox is a modern communication tool with several application areas, ideally suited for companies. With features such as video, voice and text chat, you can communicate with each other both privately and in teams. Beside the direct communication, there is also the possibility to create a CrossBox email account which comes with many useful features. These include: Email Composer, read receipt, email notifications, share and save attachments, email reminder and much more. Extend the communication infrastructure of your dedicated server with DirectAdmin.

Order your dedicated server with DirectAdmin now!

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