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The complete package for monitoring your servers!

Monitoring has never been easier! Now, get started with 360 Monitoring!

Are you losing track of your cloud VPS, dedicated server, VDS or websites and want a unified platform for monitoring? With the latest addition in the area of software, webtropia.com offers an all-in-one solution for exactly this purpose. From Plesk International GmbH, this software solution offers the user the fusion of decades of management experience, bundled on one platform. This way, you can always guarantee that all servers and websites run without errors. Order Plesk 360 Monitoring now together with your dedicated server, cloud VPS or VDS!


Everything in sight!

One of the most important aspects when it comes to server management is the overview of all resources. It is essential to have control over all parameters and to intervene if necessary. With 360 Monitoring, the information of all servers is clearly available.

Values are displayed such as: CPU load, RAM load, Disk load and Network load. These are shown in both absolute and relative values (single value and average). In addition, you can create individual alerts that sound an alarm when a preconfigured limit is reached.


The ideal dashboard!

The dasboard of 360 Monitoring's provides a clean, customisable and precise environment with which you can keep an eye on everything. All the parameters that affect your servers are displayed in summary form. These include alerts, slimmed down usage metrics (most consumed servers/nodes), average website response time, etc. 

In addition, the dashboard has an auto-refresh function so that current data is always displayed without manual updating.


Website management

Websites are the lifeline of companies and/or private individuals with a web presence. Accordingly, the user experience at the front end is an important aspect. Studies show that 53% of all users leave the website if the loading time is longer than 3 seconds. Accordingly, the loading time is one of the most important aspects of a website. 

In order to always have an overview of this, 360 Monitoring periodically creates snapshots of the current loading time of any domain. Average loading time, uptime (24 hours), uptime (7 days) and uptime (30 days) are displayed.

Your new server with 360 monitoring!

Order a server on webtropia.com now and book 360 monitoring directly with it! It doesn't matter if it's a Dedicated Server, Cloud VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server, all server types are compatible with this software. Get an overview of our servers:

360 Monitoring
360 Monitoring
360 Monitoring
360 Monitoring
360 Monitoring
360 Monitoring
Price per month € 3.49 € 19.99 € 79.99
Number of servers pixel1 pixel10 pixel100
Number of websites pixel20 pixel200 pixel2000
Time intervals pixel60 seconds pixel60 seconds pixel60 seconds
Data retention pixel30 days pixel30 days pixel30 days
Alerts pixelMulti-Channel pixelMulti-Channel pixelMulti-Channel
Simultaneous crawls pixel1 pixel3 pixel5
High-Priority Crawls pixelManually pixelInclusive pixelInclusive
Crawl depth pixel500 pixel1000 pixel1500
Additional servers pixel€ 0.89 / server / month pixel€ 0.89 / server / month pixel€ 0.89 / server / month
Additional websites pixel€ 0.14 / website / month pixel€ 0.14 / website / month pixel€ 0.14 / website / month

Combine Plesk with 360 Monitoring!

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