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Linux Server with cPanel

Administer your server with ease

From now on you can purchase your Linux-administrated server with cPanel for an affordable price. CPanel is a management software which can be extended modularly with addons and plug-ins. This software allows you to configure security, email accounts, databases, domains and much more with little effort and almost no expertise required. Order your dedicated server with CentOS and cPanel now!

Linux Server with cPanel

From now on, webtropia.com offers Linux-Servers with cPanel, one of the most popular tools for Linux-based web space hosting. This tool now also reaches our Linux root servers. Through the graphical interface of cPanel - which is rather unusual for Linux hosting - many functions such as SSH shell access, file management etc. are greatly simplified. In addition, the scope of extensions is plentiful and offers a platform, which provides all the tools you need for your website.

Why choose Linux Server with cPanel?

In addition to the simplified use, the corresponding tools are offered for all facets of the IT industry. "Surveying" is one of the most important aspects of an administrator. Therefore, all relevant parameters such as disk usage, monthly used bandwidth, subdomains and many more are vividly displayed with cPanel. CPanel also offers helpful as well as essential tools for more experienced administrators. These include, for example, the free addon "nPHPselector“ which enables the user to set the desired PHP version for his development environment (server).

One of the most popular tools for cPanel is WHMCS. This software extension makes it possible to streamline important commercial processes such as payment, payment methods, invoicing, business processing etc. simple and clean with one platform. Learn more about the possible extensions of your Linux  based dedicated or root server and experience all the advantages of cPanel first hand. Rent your Linux server with cPanel now on webtropia.com and treat yourself with a new and vivid administration environment.


JetBackup LogoJetBackup is an extension of cPanel with the function to create backups easily and securely. With the AngularJS GUI, convenience is the main focus. This makes a lot of functions easy and quick to access and/or configure. One of the most important features is „multi-scheduling“, which allows you to plan backup jobs precisely and efficiently. For example, if two or more backup jobs occur at the same time, they will be stored together and this process ultimately saves a good portion of disk space.

Plans can be set up hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly, providing flexibility for any form of data backup.


KernelCare LogoKernelCare provides your server with cPanel security at the deepest level. The kernel or operating system core is considered the heart of every computer. Accordingly, vulnerability is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to server security. KernelCare provides fast and secure updates for your kernel without needing to shut down the entire server. There are no additional loads for your server with cPanel during the live update. In addition, extensive expertise isn’t required and initiating updates is done with just one line of code. Rollbacks to older versions are also possible. This addon is tailored to the market and is compatible with many server models. Important system updates without headaches is the focus.

Cloudlinux OS

Cloud Linux LogoCloudlinux OS is one of the leading operating systems, tailored for shared hosting providers. The core aspect is to keep control over LVEs (Lightweight Virtualized Environment) created in the host system. Resources of your Linux server with cPanel such as RAM, CPU, network etc. can be individually assigned and adapted as needed. This guarantees the stability of the host system and does not allow any unwanted changes in the resource allocation system. There are also security risks within a host system. To counteract this, CloudLinux OS has MySQL Govenor integrated, to "cache" users who load the system.

Imunify 360

Imunify 360 LogoImunify 360 is an all-in-one security solution against the latest viruses, reinforced by AI. Through continuous data collection and analysis on a global level, known and unknown threats can be prevented. Unlike most antivirus software, imunify 360 looks out for dangerous or unusual script patterns. This ensures that well camouflaged malicious software is detected and that there is no malware infection on your server with cPanel. Imunify 360 recognizes your server immediately and is quickly installed without much expertise. Operating the addon is also assisted by a graphical user interface. For more intensive protection, Imunify offers advanced firewall options, which can e.g. keep track of lists and block attacks from individuals.

Order your dedicated server now with cPanel.

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