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VPS with Plesk

Rent your virtual private server with Plesk. Manage your Cloud VPS with the brand new Plesk Obsidian, the successor of Plesk Onyx. Create web spaces with domains, email accounts, databases, and more with just a few clicks and without detailed knowledge.

Plesk Obsidian for Cloud VPS Linux and Windows

With Plesk Obsidian, webtropia.com offers you the latest release in the award-winning family of the world's leading Plesk products for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. Plesk is a comprehensive server management software designed to install and manage all web hosting systems and applications on a single server. The Plesk management software greatly simplifies the administration of your server.

We offer Plesk Obsidian in various basic configurations on our servers. Take advantage of the many advantages of Plesk Obsidian from our partner Plesk®.

What's new with Plesk Obsidian?

As already mentioned, Plesk is the most widely used web management solution for hosting service providers, webmasters, developers and website operators. Plesk Obsidian is designed to meet the daily needs of web servers of any target audience. Plesk Obsidian has been optically redesigned and with Grafana Charts offers a clear and customizable interface for your administration. The responsive design has been retained to ensure usability and uniformity across different devices.

Thus you have your administration everywhere with you. Furthermore, Plesk offers many new extensions for your server including e.g. SSL it! with which you can manage your SSL licenses with ease. With Plesk you can manage your Cloud VPS comfortably and easily by using many extensions and additionally protect it from external interventions. Plesk has increased the standard security of the new version directly after installation with ModSecurity and fail2ban. Learn more about the extensions of your virtual private server Linux with Plesk or Windows with Plesk.

WordPress Toolkit

Wordpress LogoPlesk provides you with the Wordpress Toolkit. With the WordPress Toolkit, you can easily complete the previously complicated task of website management via a central administration interface. Try the user interface for managing and configuring WordPress instances. Enjoy a quick and focused WordPress toolkit experience and start using the most popular CMS program on the web. You can order the WordPress Toolkit as a Plesk extension directly from us.

Site.pro – Website builder

Site Pro LogoThe Plesk extension Site.pro is available for you. Site.Pro is the new website builder in Plesk and simplifies website creation and management processes for you, as it does not require any special knowledge. So your customers can manage their own websites and save time and money.

Test the useful extension for your Plesk with your server and design your new website with Site.pro Website Builder.

SEO Toolkit

SEO Toolkit PleskAs the most useful feature, Plesk provides you with an additional extension - the Search Engine Optimization Toolkit (SEO).

In order to attract more visitors after you have published your website, your site should be ranked in search engines. The SEO Toolkit helps you to optimize the content through keywords and metadata so that you can place your website in the search results. XOVI's SEO software is the affordable extension for your Plesk server.

WordPress Smart Updates

WordPress Smart Updates LogoThe WordPress Smart Update Extension is the ideal supplement for any website that is also based on WordPress. With this tool you can create a clone of your live page at WordPress Updates and check the new update for full functionality with the existing dependencies of your website. You will be notified about bugs, error codes and display errors. As admin you have full control over whether the update is carried out or not. Protect your website from possible failures by updating WordPress.


Let’s Encrypt LogoPlesk has significantly improved its experience in working with SSL Certificates, ensuring that it is very easy to keep the system secure. Each Plesk instance is automatically secured with SSL. Domains and subdomains as well as your mail servers can be secured automatically with SSL. The "Keep secured" function will monitor your websites and ensure that the websites are always secured with an SSL certificate. Plesk relies on the Let’s Encrypt extension.

SSL it!

Updated Extensions CatalogManage SSL certificates automatically with the new SSL it! extension! Starting from a certain number of domains and subdomains the overview of all certificates becomes more difficult. Licenses have certain validity dates, if these expire, they must be renewed. With SSL it! you have all your certificates at a glance and can quickly and efficiently renew an expired license or order a completely new one. In addition, the current status (secured/not secured) of all domains is also displayed, so that you can subsequently secure them so that no security gaps arise.

Repair Kit

Repair Kit PleskThe Repair Kit is a tool that allows you to automatically fix problems that prevent Plesk from working properly and bringing it back online. You can also use the repair kit when Plesk is unavailable. In addition, you can filter individual processes assigned to domains to have more control over your resources. This also applies to server-side processes.

The Repair Kit is especially useful if you no longer have root access to the server or could not determine the cause of a problem on the server.

SNI for Mail Services

Systemupdates PleskSNI stands for Server Name Indication and is an extension of the standard TLS protocol and offers the possibility to share a server on TLS port 443 between several encrypted websites with different domains.

If you offer mail services for more than one domain, you can secure individual connections to SMTP, IMAP or POP thanks to Plesk Obsidian and the new SNI support.

Webtropia.com offers Web Admin, Web Host or Web Pro Edition for Cloud VPSs. Familiarize yourself with the differences

At webtropia.com you can order the Plesk Obsidian Web Admin Edition to manage up to 10 domains to your server. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to order your server with the Plesk Obsidian Web Pro Edition or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition. With Web Host Edition you are allowed to manage unlimited domains.

pixelWeb Admin Edition pixelWeb Pro Edition pixelWeb Host Edition
Service provider management: pixel pixel pixel
Reseller Administration no no yes
Subscription Management no yes yes
Account Management no yes yes
User interface: pixel pixel pixel
Main User View
(Server + Site-Administrator)
yes yes yes
Service provider &
custom view management
no yes yes
User functions: pixel pixel pixel
WordPress Toolkit pixelSE Only (Limited features edition) yes yes
Developer package
(PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion)
pixelOptional yes yes
Plesk Mobile Manager yes yes yes
Security features: pixel pixel pixel
Security core with ModSecurity rules from Atomicorp yes yes yes
ServerShield from CloudFlare yes yes yes
Outgoing Antispam yes yes yes
E-Mail-Antivirus pixelOptional pixelOptional pixelOptional
Domains pixelUp to 10 pixelUp to 30 pixelUnlimited
Price pixel€ 9.60 per month pixel€ 13.60 per month pixel€ 22.20 per month
pixelWeb Admin Edition pixelWeb Pro Edition pixelWeb Host Edition
Kolab - Plesk Business Class Email pixelfrom € 4.00 per month pixelfrom € 4.00 per month pixelfrom € 4.00 per month
Collabora Online pixelfrom € 1,55 per month pixelfrom € 1,55 per month pixelfrom € 1,55 per month
Imunify360 pixelfrom € 10.00 per month pixelfrom € 10.00 per month pixelfrom € 10.00 per month
Site.Pro Builder Enterprise pixelfrom € 25.00 per month pixelfrom € 25.00 per month pixelfrom € 25.00 per month
WordPress Smart Updates pixelfrom € 3.20 per month pixelfrom € 3.20 per month pixelfrom € 3.20 per month
ImunifyAV pixel€ 7.00 per month pixel€ 7.00 per month pixel€ 7.00 per month
Plesk Email Security pixel€ 12.00 per month pixel€ 12.00 per month pixel€ 12.00 per month
Joomla! Toolkit pixel€ 3.50 per month pixel€ 3.50 per month pixel€ 3.50 per month
KernelCare pixel€ 4.00 per month pixel€ 4.00 per month pixel€ 4.00 per month
SEO Toolkit pixelfrom € 6.50 per month pixelfrom € 6.50 per month pixelfrom € 6.50 per month

Order your Cloud VPS now with the appropriate Plesk version

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.