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Protect your smartphone or tablet from data loss with the Mobile Backup. Whether it's an Apple or Android device, with Acronis Cyber Protect you can protect your smart device from both data loss and cyber-attacks with just one solution.


Mobile Backup

500 GB included

Full backups of your smartphone incl.

€ 3.99

per month

Works with Android and iOS smartphones

Each additional GB for €0.04 per month

Mobile Backup

The Backups of your Mobile device would be done with the help of the Acronis Backup software, in a German ISO certified Datacentre, which means that you don’t need to worry about the integrity and safety of your data, from now on you can just backup your data without thinking about it. Smartphones are an important instance, both private and business. That's why protection for mobile devices is just as important as servers or other infrastructures. 

The Mobile backup solution from webtropia supplies you with the needed peace of mind, so you can focus on you daily business and not spend unnecessary time backing your data up. Order now the Mobile backup solution, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Reliable data backup solution

Avoid future data loss, use cloning and mirror imaging to make copies of your system, which is an identical image to your current system. If necessary, the original state can be restored at a later point in time. All data is stored with the highest security standards.

Recover data with ease

You can back up your entire device and restore all or part(s) of it as needed, saving time as you only need to restore a small part of your data, not the entire device. File recovery works both online and locally (offline) from the same account and can alternatively be migrated to another operating system.

Automatic Backup

With the new mobile backup solution for your phone or tablet, your data is backed up on a regular basis within fixed timeframes that can be defined in the backup plan by a simple setup. Customize your own automatic backup plan in real time to run at specific times and dates.

Computer center made in Germany

webtropia.com has its own ISO-certified data centers in Germany, where we provide your cloud services. The data centres meet the highest security standards and are operated and managed exclusively by our own on-site staff.

High-performance encryption

If you are interested in a highly secured backup of your data, then webtropia.com is the right place for you, because with AES-256, webtropia offers you industry-standard high-end encryption for every backup performed. Even if a third party receives your data, they cannot use it because of the encryption.


Since our mobile devices are an integral part of our everyday life, there is a need for a mobile backup, with the possibility to create backups on all common mobile platforms. The added ability of the mobile backup solution to see all your backup data in one place and search from any device, as well as cross-device migration and recovery, makes it a convenient all-in-one system for mobile backups.

If you need help you can send us a support request here. Do you have general questions? Our employees are available for you via the contact form.

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