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Your cyber protection solution with backup function

Cybercrime is an aspect of the IT world that can no longer be ignored. Both private individuals and companies are equally affected by this threat. To counteract this problem, you need a simple and compact security package. With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud you get a solution for all devices on one platform. This includes servers, workstations and mobile devices. On this page you will find all the information you need about the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Email, Antivirus & Malware Protection

500 GB backup storage

from € 3.99

per month

One protection for all devices

Flexible use

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

To build an efficient and secure infrastructure, you need components that cover certain aspects. These aspects include malware and virus protection, secure e-mail traffic and backups. It requires a lot of know-how and various software programmes to cover all these aspects sufficiently. With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you have a single solution for all devices and the protection that goes with them.

But clarity and uniformity are not the only key features here. Cost savings are also an important aspect. One licence is required per device and it is possible to expand this scope easily and conveniently via the central customer management.

The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is managed using the Acronis software and provides a unified platform for managing your devices. The special feature of the product is the scalability of the licences. Thus, with this solution, all devices can be secured with Acronis Cyber Protect. Virtual servers, dedicated servers, servers with Plesk, cPanel, WHMCS, Hostbill, CloudBlue and many more can also be protected at the same time as workstations and mobile devices. Of course, it is also possible to expand the scope of devices and features simply and easily.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud from webtropia.com offers you the protection you need against attacks on your devices. Features include backup, antivirus, malware protection, ransomware protection, monitoring, management and disaster recovery.

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All important functions at a glance


Prevent external attacks on your endpoints with Acronis Cyber Protect antivirus. When you set up your devices, you get automatic virus protection that is always up to date.

Email protection

Cyber criminals use mailboxes to force access to systems with phishing emails or file attachments containing malware. With Acronis Cyber Protect, you get the all-round protection you need for your email inbox.

Acronis Backup

With our Acronis Cyber Protect product, you get 100 GB of backup storage regardless of the number of devices you want to protect. You can set up and manage your backup plans individually via the Acronis Management Portal. Optionally, you can expand your backup space at any time for €0.05 per GB per month.

Flexibility and efficiency

With Acronis Cyber Protect, you can act flexibly and efficiently at any time. You can conveniently and easily add new devices and also expand the backup storage at any time. With just one management interface, you can protect all your devices from cyber-attacks.

Protection for all devices

With Acronis Cyber Protect, you can protect almost all devices from external influences, monitor them and also carry out individual data backups. Whether server, workstation or mobile device, with Cyberprotect you have a solution for all devices.

Easy installation

Cyber Protect is easy to install thanks to automatic device discovery and remote installation of Acronis Agents. With its central management, which also allows the creation of additional clients, you can manage all devices at any time and maintain an overview.

Virtual Server monthly €8.00 Advanced Management monthly €1.29
Dedicated Server monthly €16.00 Advanced Email Security monthly €2.79
Mobile monthly €2.00 Advanced Security monthly €0.99
Server with admin panel monthly €5.00 Advanced Backup monthly €9,99
Workstation monthly €5.00 Acronis Cloud Backup monthly €6.99

Flexible expansion of your cyber protection solution through advanced features

With the Advanced Features of Acronis Cyber Protect, you can further increase the level of protection of your devices. These enhancements to your Cyber Protect environment can be added individually per device. You can individually determine which device should be equipped with advanced features.

Acronis Advanced Management provides an even more detailed view for managing systems. The optional feature also offers the following functions:

  • Secure patch management: Before each patch, an image backup of the affected system is created. Should the patch cause problems, a backup is available and the system can be restored to a functional state. 
  • Information recording of hardware workloads
  • Information recording of the workloads of installed software

The central customer management offers you the possibility to conveniently book this feature during or after the order.

Emails are the lifeline of communication between people and businesses today. With the Advanced Email Security feature, you extend your email protection with the following functions:

  • Anti-malware and anti-phishing protection
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Attachment scanning 
  • Defuse and restore content (trust diagram)

The central customer management offers you the possibility to conveniently book this feature during or after the order.

In addition to the existing Acronis backup feature, an Advances backup is also offered to capture additional infrastructures. This way, the following databases can be protected against data loss:

  • Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Cluster
  • Oracle DB
  • Continuous Data Protection Backup
  • Data Protection Map

The central customer management offers you the possibility to conveniently book this feature during or after the order.

With Advanced Security, you can expand your systems with further protective functions. The following features are added:

  • Real-time antivirus and malware protection
  • Exploit prevention
  • URL filtering
  • Smart Protection Plans
  • Forensic backups and scan backups for malware
  • Safe Recovery und Corporate Allowlist

The central customer management offers you the possibility to conveniently book this feature during or after the order.

The webtropia.com Acronis Cyber Protect solutions are provided exclusively in German data centres. Our data centres in Düsseldorf are certified according to ISO-27001.

Furthermore, all our SSL data connections as well as our SaaS (Software as a Service) products are fully and securely encrypted via AES-256. All data of the cloud backup and cloud storage products are thus stored and kept securely in the ISO-certified data centre. You can find out more about our data centres here.

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Data centre made in Germany

Security starts with the service provider and for this reason webtropia.com has its own ISO-certified data centres in Germany where we provide your cloud services. The data centres meet the highest security standards and are operated and managed exclusively by our own on-site staff.

Cyber Protection Management

With the innovative Cyber Protection Management, Acronis software offers a simple and clear user interface for your endpoints. With features such as group management of devices and centralised management, you are well positioned to manage and monitor all your connected endpoints.

If you need help you can send us a support request here. Do you have general questions? Our employees are available for you via the contact form.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for your endpoints?

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