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Devils Canyon Server

Rent now cheap Server

Ready for take-off - with the cheap Devils Canyon Server!

We now offer best-selling dedicated server - the Devils Canyon Server - for lease. By using SSDs, our dedicated server provides even faster transfer of large amounts of data, increased speed with dedicated servers with Windows, much faster program load times, as well as shorter system response times. Rent now your dedicated server with SSDs and rely on the fast performance of this server!


Devils Canyon Server

i7-4790k (4 x 4.0 GHz)


2 x 1,000 GB HDD or 2 x 120 GB SSD


a month

Devils Canyon Server

The new Devils Canyon Server will be already provided with 2 x 120 GB SSDs or 2 x 1,000 GB HDDs, a powerful i7-4790k CPU as well as with 32GB DDR3 RAM. By using SSDs, your server gains a significant performance boost compared to HDDs. By using SSDs in dedicated servers, not only the performance in the area of the hard disks increases, but also the performance of the server increases significantly.

The processor of your dedicated server is used more efficiently, which also reflects the speed of the data transfer. You can rent this cheap root server with Windows or Linux operating system.

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