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VPS with Windows or Linux

The webtropia.com Cloud VPS can be ordered with Windows or with free Linux operating systems, offering full root access. You can run your virtual server with various and always up-to-date Linux systems such as CentOS, Debian, openSUSE, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux or Windows operating system such as Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 or the new Windows Server 2022. Learn more about the operating systems of the virtual private servers from webtropia.com

Cloud VPS with Windows 2016, 2019 or 2022

The Cloud VPS with Windows operating systems are ideal for Windows-experienced users and their preferences. For Windows, you can also order the AdminTool Plesk, which facilitates the administration of your web spaces with associated e-mail accounts and databases. Alternatively, we also offer cPanel as administration software exclusively for Linux VPS. You can choose between the Windows versions 2016, 2019 and 2022 for the Cloud VPS with a free snapshot on top.

Cloud VPS with Linux operating system

Debian - Cloud VPS

Lease your Cloud VPS with Debian now and take advantage of the most popular distribution of Linux for server administrators. Debian GNU/Linux is a proven community os-distribution which is based entirely on open source and comes with superior package management by which sophisticated and stable software can be installed easily. The configuration of the software is executed almost exclusively via configuration files. Additional information about Debian can be found here. You can find an overview of the offered versions in this comparison table.

CentOS - Cloud VPS

If you want stability and enterprise compatibility, you can depend on virtual private servers with CentOS! The goal of the CentOS project is to create a Linux environment 100% compatible with the enterprise distribution of RedHat. The abbreviation of the Linux distribution CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System and is based on the distribution of RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) offering compatibility with RHEL-certified software. Developers of professional closed-source applications on Linux generally offer their products for RedHat; these can be used without complications on a CentOS system. Learn more about CentOS here. You can find an overview of the offered versions in this comparison table.

Ubuntu - Cloud VPS

Select the Ubuntu Cloud VPS from webtropia.com and benefit from the friendly and helpful Ubuntu community. The Ubuntu Linux distribution is supported and further developed by the company, Canonical, with the goal of making Debian easier and more up-to-date. Due to its simple and efficient operation, Ubuntu advanced within a very short time to one of the world's most popular Linux distributions and enjoys great popularity in the area of virtual servers. If the open Ubuntu community cannot provide help for a specific problem, Canonical also provides professional support. Additional information about Ubuntu and its features can be found here.

AlmaLinux - Cloud VPS

AlmaLinux is a fairly new open-source operating system and is developed by and for the community. This Linux distribution is a 1:1 binary-compatible clone of RHEL and is a derivative of CentOS. The first stable version was released in March 2021 with version 8.3. The main focus of this distribution is the stable and robust enterprise-grade platform, which is excellent for all forms of critical workloads. A major sponsor of this passionate community is CloudLinux, who help promote this project further. This ensures regular update cycles. Furthermore, one can easily switch to CentOS or other RHEL derivatives without much effort. Learn more about the open source OS AlmaLinux here.




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Now, find the right vServer for your needs and benefit from the selection of the available operating systems. You can order the admin panel, Plesk Obsidian for any of the operating systems and have it pre-installed.

Now order your Cloud VPS with Linux or Windows.

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.