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Web conference system developed for online learning

Are you looking for a professional solution in order to teach online?

BigBlueButton is a web-based software particularily designed for distance learning of pupils and students. Developed and maintained by BigBlueButton Inc., this learning platform was first published in 2007. A decisive differentiating factor of this solution is the fact that it can be used with any kind of - current - browser without installing an external software. Furthermore, all features are optimally tailored for teaching and offer extensive possibilities for many activities that would otherwise only be possible in a physical classroom. To this end, webtropia.com now offers a complete solution for a "Meeting Server" including BigBlueButton. Rent a cheap dedicated server with BigBlueButton now.


Great privacy protection!

With regard to data protection, many experts agree that BigBlueButton is a recommendation. The possibility of setting up an independent instance ensures data protection and integrity.

Set up your server with the best conditions for data security. You are not quite sure yet? The data protection commissioner of Baden-Württemberg has spoken out about the great data protection capabilites regarding BigBlueButton.

Features for teachers!

Teachers have an immensely huge choice for a virtual classroom software, but many do not provide the desired feel of a real classroom. One of the factors for this missing feeling is the lack of appropriate features.

One of the core elements in order to make the content more understandable for pupils is the blackboard. BigBlueButton has an integrated blackboard with functions for drawing geometric figures, sketches and also a feature to insert slides.


BigBlueButton Server

Choose Ubuntu 18.04 and BigBlueButton

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BigBlueButton Server
from 44.99

Moodle integration

To simplify and improve the integration of BigBlueButton into the infrastructure of many schools, BBB offers a plugin for the integration of Moodle. By extending it to one of the most used learning platforms in German schools, most of the previous infrastructures can be easily adopted.

Moodle can be integrated with ease into the BigBlueButton environment with a simple plugin. This link takes you to the official website of Moodle. There is also a video tutorial on how to set up the plugin correctly. Take the chance now and combine two excellent learning platforms and expand your classroom!

Are you looking for a solution for online teaching?

Max control

Because BigBlueButton was developed specifically for teaching at a distance, teachers can define all the rules within their virtual class. These include muting and suspending students and even assigning presentation rights for upcoming speeches.


In every classroom the blackboard is the centre of attention. BigBlueButton is the ideal solution for blackboard based classes. Teachers are able to give students the possibility to write on the blackboard individually. Rent a dedicated server with BigBlueButton now.

Share knowledge

Missed lessons can be subsequently shared as a vod (video on demand) and made available to all students. In addition, teachers can offer important documents from the classroom as downloads in real time and hand out learning materials to students with ease.

In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.