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Would you like to secure your website, but don't know how? On this page you will find all relevant information about Website Backup. There is no limit to the amount of space you can save and recover. After purchasing the backup plan, you will receive your personalized access to the MyCybercloud. Then you have all the controls at your fingertips and you can add devices, create backup plans and more.


Website Backup

No storage space limitation

Data backup of webspace & databases

€ 2.99

per month

Data backup by ssh or sftp

Website Backup

Almost all companies today use websites to promote their presence to the outside world. What is unfortunately often forgotten is that these websites are just as vulnerable as any other form of data. That's why we thought about it and came to the conclusion that websites should be protected as well. For this reason, Website Backup is now available on webtropia.com. This allows you to transfer your data to the destination via secure SSH or SFTP connections. This also goes hand in hand with the non-existent need to install a client or agent. Here we do not offer any storage space limitation and also allow you the integration of your databases. Your web space is defined on the folder-level and you can select individual folders for back-up planning modularly. With this product, your website is guaranteed to be protected against failures, attacks and the like.

Looking for a backup solution for your smartphone?

Never again data loss

In the future you can only rely on high security and protect yourself against any data loss of your servers - with Cloud Backup Server. All your server data is backed up with the highest security standards in webtropia.com's high-availability data centers.

Backup options

With the new Cloud Backup Server solution, you can conveniently back up all changes since the previous backup operation by performing incremental or differential backups at any time. This reduces not only the network load, but also the existing backup time, both in the short and long term.

German Data Centres

webtropia.com has its own ISO-certified data centers in Germany where your cloud services are made available to you. Our own data centers are located exclusively in Germany and are operated by our own staff on site.

AES-256 bit encryption

Looking for maximum security for your backups? On webtropia.com, you can select AES 256-bit encryption when creating your backup to secure your backup to industry standards. In addition, all cloud infrastructure data is encrypted within the data centers. Thus we offer you the highest possible security standard.

Multiple destinations

With the Cloud Backup Server product you can back up and use your data in the cloud as well as conveniently select additional target folders via the user interface. In this way, you can store backup data in up to three different locations and set flexible recovery points. Local hard disks and network storage can also be selected as destinations.

Simple administration

Thanks to the easy administration via the Cloud Backup Management you are able to manage your servers for backup plans comfortably and carefree and add new plans if necessary. You can select the type of backup, create a customized schedule and finally set the storage destination of your backup.

If you need help or anything like that you can send us a support request here. For general questions, our staff is available via the contact form.

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