1. Cyber Protect

Your protection against cyber attacks

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for virtual and dedicated Server

Protect your virtual and dedicated servers from cyber attacks and cyber threats with the new Acronis Cyber Protect products from webtropia.com. As a long-standing partner of Acronis, we have added Acronis Protect solutions to our Acronis Cloud Infrastructure for your servers. Protect your VPS, Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server now with the Cyber Protect solutions from webtropia.com


Acronis Cyber Protect for virtual

Protection for VPS and VDS

Antivirus, email protection and vulnerability assessment

€ 0.00

in the first month
€ 3.00 2nd month onwards

Cyber Protection Management

Dashboards und Reports

Acronis Cyber Protect for virtual

Acronis Cyber Protect for dedicated

Protection for dedicated server

Antivirus, email protection and vulnerability assessment

€ 0.00

in the first month
€ 5.00 2nd month onwards

Cyber Protection Management

Dashboards und Reports

Acronis Cyber Protect for dedicated

As cyber criminals become more sophisticated in their attacks, it becomes more and more difficult for businesses and individuals to fight off these cyber attacks. Cyber criminals only need an unpatched system, malicious URL, or file to gain entry or access to your network, encrypt files, and install ransomware. While backups are still essential to recovering your data, they are not enough on their own to protect your business. You need to take a comprehensive approach to cyber protection to mitigate the risks associated with today's modern threats. With Acronis Cyber Protect you extend the protection against cyber threats for your virtual and dedicated servers at favorable conditions.

With Acronis Advanced Management, you can get even more out of your system management. The optional Advanced Management offers you the following functions:

  • Secure patch management: Before the latest patches are implemented, an image backup is carried out automatically - so you can easily restore a working state in the event of a problem with a patch
  • Gather information about the workload of your hardware
  • Gathering information about the workload of your installed software.

You can conveniently book the Advanced Management product via our central customer management.

Extend the protection of your emails with the Acronis Advanced Email Security package. With Advanced Email Security you get an active extension to protect your data with the following functions:

  • Anti-malware and anti-phishing protection
  • Identity theft protection
  • Scanning attachments
  • Defuse and restore content trust graph

Complement your Acronis Cloud Protect environment with Advanced Email Security conveniently via our central customer management.

Are you already using our Acronis Cloud Backup products? Then you can easily and conveniently add the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud products to your existing Acronis account. You can manage both -  backups and the cyber protection solution - in the familiar Acronis web interface.

As a new user of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can also link this with the offers of our Acronis Cloud products. You can also book the desired backup product for your VPS or dedicated server later. You can find more about our Acronis Cloud offers in our cloud area.

In addition to the existing Acronis Cloud Backup products, we also offer the Advanced Backup product as a supplement. With the Advanced Backup you can protect not only the systems but also the following infrastructures against data loss:

  • Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Cluster
  • Oracle DB
  • Continuous data protection backup
  • Data Protection Map

The Advanced Backup product can also be conveniently booked via our central customer management.

The webtropia.com Acronis Cyber Protect solutions are provided exclusively in German data centers. Our data centers in Düsseldorf are certified according to ISO-27001.

Furthermore, all our SSL data connections as well as our SaaS (Software as a Service) products are completely and securely encrypted via AES-256. All data of the cloud backup and cloud storage products are thus securely stored and stored in the ISO-certified data center. You can find out more about our data centers here. Start now with your Acronis Cloud in Germany!

The most important functions of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

pixelAcronis Cyber Protect for virtual pixelAcronis Cyber Protect for dedicated
Price per month / device pixel€ 3.00 pixel€ 5.00
Usable for pixelVPS and Virtual Dedicated Server pixelDedicated Server
Security functions pixel pixel
Password check for insecure passwords yes yes
Weak point analysis yes yes
Antivirus and Antimalware Protection yes yes
Cyber Protection Management yes yes
Group management of devices yes yes
Centralized administrative management yes yes
Dashbards and Reports yes yes
Prevention of data loss through device control yes yes
Acronis Cloud Backup pixelOptional pixelOptional
Acronis Backup Storage pixel100 GB pixel200 GB
Number of usable devices pixel1 pixel1
Price / month / Device pixel€ 6.99 pixel€ 14.99
Price for additional backup storage pixel€ 0.05 / GB / month pixel€ 0.05 / GB / month
Advanced Management pixel€ 3.00 per month pixel€ 3.00 per month
Advanced Email Security pixel€ 5.00 per month pixel€ 5.00 per month
Advanced Backup pixel€ 5.00 per month pixel€ 10.00 per month
Advanced Security pixel€ 5.00 per month pixel€ 10.00 per month

Try Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 30 days for free and see for yourself.

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3 months
6 months
12 months

5,00 % discount on monthly fee


10,00 % discount on monthly fee

24 months
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