• 4 vCore

    • 8 GB RAM

    • 75 GB NVMe

    • 1.000 MBit connection

    • No setup fee

      Monthly contract term

    • from €4.99
      a month
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    • 6 vCores

    • 1 x 960 GB SSD

    • 16 GB RAM

    • 1,000 MBit connection

    • No setup fee

      Monthly contract term

    • €22.99
      a month
    • MORE

    VPS server, root Server and dedicated servers by webtropia.com

    With our VPS Server hosting products, we offer a perfect solution for hosting with full root and administrator privileges in the Linux VPS as well as the Windows VPS sectors. What you get is a virtual server you can manage and administer yourself. If desired, you can have the  administration panel for your VPS Server, Plesk, pre-installed. The Cloud functions allow you to increase or reduce the capacity of your  VPS on a daily or monthly basis at clear and comprehensible pricing. You can get specific information about the VPS Server Cloud function and costs associated with the respective Linux or Windows virtual Server product.

    With the dedicated server products available from webtropia.com, you can lease the dedicated sServer adapted to suit all of your requirements. All of our dedicated server products are backed by high-quality hardware, the infrastructure of our own data centre and outstanding customer service which is available to you around the clock. You also have the choice of ordering our low-cost dedicated servers with an Intel or AMD CPU.

    The root server products seamlessly bridge the gaps between a virtual server and a dedicated server. A root server is a server on which the customer receives full root or administrative privileges. This gives you access to guaranteed main memory and CPU core resources in addition to your own dedicated hard drive. The customer receives the full I/O capacity of the SATA or SSD hard drives because they aren’t sharing with other customers. You also receive a hardware RAID with various levels (0, 1, 5 or 10) included in the price. With the combination of a virtual and a dedicated server, we get a perfect mix of excellent performance at affordable prices.

    Further Dedicated Server products can be found on servdiscount.com 

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    Now pay for servers with PayPal, one of the most popular ways to pay for your leased server. Once you have a PayPal account, you can pay with just your email address and password. When registering with PayPal you save bank or credit card information one time, then you pay online or mobile with just an email address and password—lickety-split it’s done.

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    Paysafecard is Europe's most popular and proven prepaid payment provider, so you can pay your server easily in advance. The Paysafecard allows you to make online payments without a bank account or credit card and it’s easy, safe and quick on all well-known pages in the area of games, social media & communities, music, film & entertainment and many others. Paysafecards can be purchased all over the world at 480,000 outlets.

    Paying for your server is easier than ever with Klarna transfer! You simply use your confidential online banking information and that way you are safe. Your order can be shipped immediately thanks to the transaction confirmation. Enjoy prompt shipment of your server with Klarna transfer!

    In compliance with the directive 2006/112/EC in the modified version, starting 1.1.2015 prices can vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (the prices in the offers are prices for the Federal Republic of Germany and include VAT). If your place of residence is not in Germany, the prices are net.